Black Label Society

Worcester Palladium ~ Feb 1st 2018

“Stand up and Shhooouuut!!!”

Wait this wasn’t a Steel Panther show featuring Ghoade??  Fun fact, Rock Star is one of my favorite movies all time.  I was looking forward to this one for awhile. Zakk Wylde is one of my favorite guitarist of all time. But I came very close to not being allowed to photograph Black Label. Things never really go smoothly. I arrive at the Palladium Box office, and receive my pass.  I head down to the photo pit and photograph Red Fang, and realize my pass doesn’t quite look like the others and instantly knew what that meant.  30 mins of back and forth in the box office and making friends with the house cat and joshing it with Worcesters finest, they realized the mix up ans I received the proper credentials and sprinted towards the stage.
Guitar Shredding at its finest, he is one of the greats of my generation.
Which has a stronger game… his guitar playing? or his beard?

Black Label Society and Zakk Wylde’s everlasting guitar solos serenanded everyones ear drums as they BROUGHT THE HOUSE OF BLUES DOWN.

Hey Greg… Check out my guitar!