Zonya & Lawrence
I think an engagement session prior to a wedding is vital for the photographer to get an understanding for the couple, to discover the chemistry they posses as a couple and for them to get used to the photographer.  Shortly after these images were taken, Zonya and Lawrence had an incredible wedding. After this shoot, I knew it would be. They were so comfortable together. They were always laughing with each other. I felt the love.  The love they have for each other is illustrated in these images, and was only a precursor for their wedding.
Searching for a “Tropical” backdrop in New England
The islands had a major influence on their relationship, and when Zonya and I were brainstorming for locations, she mentioned she wanted something tropical, similar to Jamaica. But where to shoot around here that resembles Jamaica???

Warwick Rhode Island of course!

Who knew that a place this beautiful existed so close to home. All it was missing was some palm trees. Apart of my job is to find suitable locations. I enjoy this aspect of my job. I was here once before for a short amount of time, so I needed to take a scouting trip to be sure. I packed up the family, and fell in love with it. I knew it would be perfect, and Zonya agreed.

Stay tuned for a future post featuing Zonya & Lawrence’s wedding!
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