Break Lites Motorsports
Mark at Break Lites has been one of my longest tenured clients going back 6 year. I have photographed all sorts of custom street bikes and Harley street glides. When Victory Motorcycles contacted MOMS Boston to be one of 22 shops to enter the Operation Octane challenge, to customize one of their bikes. Who else to call to build it but Mark. When arrived to shoot the bike for the contest, I instantly knew something was different, I never seen a bike like this, but why? They combined a sports cruiser with street bike elements, something that hasn’t been done before, or at least not done to this level.

Though they did not win the contest, they were a runner up beating out most of the competition. After the contest, Hot Bike Magazine did a feature on it, which can be viewed here

Like I mentioned before, I have been photographing for Break Lites from the beginning of my career, and they were one of my first full time clients. Developing relationship such as this is crucial for my freelance career.  Whatever Mark needs, I will deliver. In turn, besides documenting his builds, I have been published in numerous motorcycle magazines including a few cover stories.  With this shoot, we approached it a bit different than before, and something I really never tackled before, Nightime photography. So I busted out the tripod and made it happen. One of my favorite bike shoots with such a great location. We used the Zakim bridge, a Boston staple, as backdrop along with the lights on the walkway, made way for some fun creative images. 
The only issue I had was that the walkway almost had a luminescence to it…later on I found out why. I get in Marks truck and head to MOMS and I’m extremely itchy with a small rash all over my arms and my legs. The walkway is infused with fiberglass and not meant to be laid on. and of course to get some low angles, I’m lying on the ground.

Do you have a custom vehicle that needs documented?