Fashion Designer Loai Nassem of Lomar

I discovered I had a slight lisp, and you might too. Today I photographed a thobe designer based in Saudi Arabia. Fashion Designer Loai Nassem of Lomar spoke to an engaged crowd at District Hall in Boston about his start, struggles and successes of changing the standard design that has never been altered in history. The thobe, I told you might find that hidden lisp, hasn’t been altered from its beginning, until Loai came around and changed the fashion game forever in Saudi Arabia.

Saudia Arabian Game Changer

Loai spoke about how his innovation to the thobe was not accepted. How dare he alter a garment that never was altered before? He lost family and friends over this.  He believed in what he was doing and had to overcome a ton to become successful. Because of him, changing the thobe is common.

The Middle Eastern University organized the event

I never seen or photographed anything like these designs before. Have you? Then again I haven’t traveled to the Middle East before. It was interesting to find out that Lomar employs over 500 people and currently has 19 stores open while looking to cross over into different markets such as the United States.