Marilyn Manson

House of Blues ~ Feb 12 2018
My fondest memory of Marilyn Manson, was during a late 90’s MTV video music awards, and he closed the show with “The Beautiful People” and Chris Rock, the host, in that standard Chris Rock voice blurted  out… “Go to church, Go directly to church!” I laughed my ass off back then and laugh my ass off now thinking about it.  A lot of people were saying Marilyn Manson was washed up, especially after he broke his leg on stage a few months ago. That couldnt of been further from the truth. His vocals were the best I have heard in a long time. Not bad for an almost 50 year old
The curtain dropped to reveal him seated on a throne fit for an antichrist king, but with the same boot on his foot that my girlfriend had on for months after she broke her foot.
Not going to lie, it kind of gave me an anxiety flashback to 2 months ago when I was legit Cinderella around the house. A broken foot with a baby at home is no joke, and wish it on no one. But hey, Justine and MM had the same taste in medical boots. #twinsies

I had to overcome that anxiety rather quickly as we were only allowed to photograph his first song.  The lighting was tough and the strobe lights were intense. Like seizure inflicting intense. It was a memorable 4.2365 minutes photographing one of my favorite entertainers growing up.