United Abrasives

United Abrasives manufactures a full line of bonded abrasives: grinding wheels, cutting wheels, cup wheels, cones, plugs and a host of similar bonded products. If you are like me you are not familiar with these things. This is why I love my job, I get to see and learn about all sorts of companies, their products and how they are made.

That is exactly it, I felt like I was conducting an episode of “How’s it Made”  I photographed every step of how there grinding wheels are constructed.  The factory/warehouse is massive, I got lost a few times jumping around.

I enjoy spending a day photographing for a company and delivering a large catalog of images that tell their story,  assisting in building their brand and help sell their products or services.  I thoroughly enjoyed my day with United Abrasives, seeing their machines, robots and people working together and learning about something I knew little about.

Im excited to see thier new website, and will share it here when it is launched. My camera brings me to so many different places and always keeping me on my toes. No two jobs are ever the same and I thrive in situations I know little about.  I need the ability to adapt to any sitiation, be it a factory or outdoors and deleiver what the client wants.

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