Dr. Trevor Bayliss

Dr. Bayliss beat cancer then became a doctor who treats cancer. He practices and promotes a healthy lifestyle by eating well and getting plenty of exercise. He is leading the example for all his patients.

Trevor needed images for his new website, which will be outlining healthy lifestyles. Spending the day with someone like Trevor, is really fascinating because he is doing so much good. His strength to overcome cancer, and then create a career  treating cancer is remarkable. I enjoyed hearing his story, I didnt know he was a cancer surviver till beyond the half way point of our shoot.

I wanted to illustrate who Trevor really is thru these portraits and help him develop a catalog of images for his website and promotional material.  We covered many concepts and ideas over a different locations that best reperesnted what Trevor needed. Pretty much we just documented a day in the life of Trevor.


Ozzy was feeling left out.

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