Photographed at Tillett Studios

After years of being studioless, a good Photographer friend Leo Tillett of Tillett studios opened his doors for me to join his brand new space in Pawtucket.  My shoot with Brandi was one of the first ones I conducted there. We worked on mostly head shots and some fashion. With every shoot, I try to push myself to improve and try new techniques. Surprisingly, after 8 plus years of photographing, I never photographed on grey seamless or with a Beauty Dish. With the success of this shoot, both will be utilized and an important component to my arsenal moving forward.

Updating head shots is important

Just like a photographers portfolio, a models portfolio needs periodic updating, especially with clean, simple head shots. Its important to update your current “look” so potential clients know exactly what they are getting.  There are many ways and techniques to produce headshots, with this job I kept it simple. I utilized the “clam shell” setup, with a beauty dish directly above myself tilted towards Brandi with a reflector right below bouncing the light up towards her. If you look at her eyes, you will see it.  For some images I had a kicker light in the back to accentuate her hair.

Do you need to start or update your portfolio or headshots?