Ashley & John

Aruba: One happy island. The Divi All Inclusive Resort  was the perfect backdrop for this November wedding. I arrived the day before and instantly became friends with everyone, which made it a fun wedding to photograph, but knowing Ashley and John, I was not afraid of that.

The moments before


Here comes the bride, One of my favorite walking down the aisle images I have taken.

The moments after

There is a good chance, that this will remain one of my favorite weddings I was apart of.  I worked with Ashley and John for a few years during our stint at RAW artists, and we always had a blast especially with our after parties. When they asked about me photographing their wedding in Aruba, I knew what was in store. Partying on a beach with perfect weather and scenery, photographing with no shoes on all night,  all the guests laughing and dancing and being engaged all night and not afraid to do anything for that laugh. 

It was a laid back, exhilarating non stop partying type of wedding that ended up with a jump in the pool, it was needed for all involved. I was honored that they trusted me in capturing their big day, as I am with all couples.  Looking back, what I remember most was the dancing and laughing and how connected everyone was. Everyone had so much love for Ashley and John. Aruba was amazing and fortunate I had the opportunity to be there and see what it had to offer.  I would love to be able to get back.

Cooling off

This was my first time hoping in the pool with a bride after a wedding(Though I went in the ocean with a bride prior) Usually I just  do whatever it takes and whatever my couples request. This time I needed to cool off, I was exhausted after this day.  We weren’t suppose to go in the pool, but that didn’t stop anyone and the resort turned a blind eye for the perfect ending to a perfect wedding.

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