Boston House of Blues~ April 4th 2018


I find myself immersed in a crowd of oiled up, condom snorting yoots who were hopped up on goofballs ready to dance. It was a fun atmosphere. During one of the opening acts, I was leaning up against a pole in the back, minding my own business when a kid comes up and leans on the other side awkwardly. Definitely within my personal space. He eventually asked if I “worked” here.  I signaled that I didn’t but he still initiated a handshake… A cash handshake with at least $40.  I pick up on it, hold onto the handshake, leaned in and informed him that I was not his Molly dealer.  Poor kid was so embarrassed. Shortly after that I was asked where the bathroom was.  At that moment I instantly knew that someone was not like the others.

Is fist pumping still a thing?

Usually I’m photographing rock bands. Photographing Marshmello for AMP 103.3 was a breath of fresh air.  The only other DJ I have had the opportunity to cover was Diplo. His music was different,the energy was different, it wasn’t your traditional club music, His music is very upbeat and uplifting and I instantly realized why he had such a huge following.  His helmet? mask? not sure what its called exactly was synced to the music as well as the visuals of the light board behind him.  All and all I had a blast covering this show.  If you look closely at the image below, it appears that Marshmello was showing me some love.

Ohh to be young again.

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