DCU Center Worcester Palladium ~ Sept 3rd 2016

One of my biggest aha moments of my career occurred 30 seconds into their set. Gene Simmons, in  full costume and paint, pointing directly at me, tongue hanging out, glaring at my lens. I fondly remember lowering my camera for a bit to soak it in, and Gene acknowledged me with a nod and I went back to work.

You wanted the best?

I got the best. I have photographed a ton of concerts, besides Metallica(my all time favorite band)none compared to the experience I had photographing KISS.  I get excited when a band member makes direct eye contact, as you can see from these images, I got more eye contact, more posing in front of my lens within 2 songs that I received from all the bands I photographed prior combined.  I’m still buzzing from this show, 2 years removed.  I had no clue what I was in store for. The lighting was perfect, the pyro was explosive, the music was pounding, the energy was off the charts.  I photographed along some seasoned vets and we all were grinning ear to ear, in disbelief of what just happened. It was that much fun.  They are true professionals.  True Rock Stars.
I still get jazzed up looking at these images.

How cool is this shot of Paul Stanley!

Fun fact, I was Star Child for halloween in 2009

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