Jeep Wrangler Before & After
Extreme Terrain is an expert in Jeep Wrangler parts to help customize and increase your Jeeps performance. I wonder if they provide tips on how to properly wave to other Wrangler drivers?  My friends tell me, I don’t understand it cause I don’t drive one. The owners of this red Jeep won a $10,000 prize to modify their ride. They could utilize that money however they wanted too. I was brought in to photograph the Jeep prior to the build and then after. A lift kit and some new shoes were the modifications that first stood out.
From don’t hit that pothole, to lets go off road!
I used to photograph vehicles on the regular because I worked part time at a custom car shop. Since those days, my vehicle shoots haven’t been as frequent. So when I got asked to do this job, I was all in. I went a little overboard and overshot the “before” pics because I was just so excited.  I thought the owners would appreciate looking back. When arrived for the after shoot, I was fascinated with all the work that was done and that everything was done for under 10k. So many modifications from bumper to bumper were evident. Besides the wheels and lift kit, the Jeep was equipped with a rugged winch, high powered LED lights, new red and black seats, and a  lock box inside.  Im missing a few items, but you get the picture that this Jeep did a 180.
Here is part of the article from Extreme Terrain magazine.

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