Harp LAger
Off to Orlando Florida! Taylor Strategy, a NYC add agency I have done some work for in the past hired me to photograph Harp Lagers new branding with new spokesman, Pro Golfer Graeme McDowell.  Our first location was Graemes’ restaurant, Nona Blue. The second portion was at his home golf course, Lake Nona Country Club. We flip flopped between stills and video as there was a full video production crew on hand.
A Premium Irish LAger
The last time I had a Harp I was in Ireland 15 years ago. It is an excellent beer and one that Graeme likes too, considering he’s from Ireland and all. We had a lot of fun and  had a great team including my assistant Dave Pavlina. I enjoyed my time with Graeme and during our downtime chatting about golf, his career(Did you know he won the US open in 2010?) and his one time golfing with Tom Brady. He’s a Pats fan and was cracking jokes about my Boston accent, cause I had a hard time saying lager.

The most enjoyable part of this job was seeing Graeme in action on the course putting and driving the ball. You quickly understand why he is pro. I’ve been around some “good” golfers but nothing compared to him. Not even close.  Like not even close. It was an amazing experience spending a full day with a professional athlete. It Graeme was a natural in front of the lens which made for an easy shoot.

Here is one of the adds that was used and a fun gif I created.

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