Sarah Martin

Let me introduce you to Sarah in her own words

“We’ll keep this short, sweet, and in 3rd person.

A woman, but certainly not a lady. Sarah’s gives her sardonic perspective on life with some extra sass. Using her vitality and dry wit she has been building a name for herself in the comedy world by being real.”

Comedians need portraits, though most cases they would prefer not to. When Sarah contacted me, one of the first questions I asked was,  What are you thinking for a backdrop? A dimly lit bar is a perfect location for this. During the shoot, I don’t pose or direct too much and just let the natural person come out in a not so natural situation. 

Once the mild form of photo taking torture was over, we were left with a bunch of images that showcased who Sarah is and  plenty to be use in her promotions. The only suitable way to conclude a great shoot at a bar, is washing it down with a pint of Guinness. Cheers!

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