Commercial: Engaged in commerce, the activity of buying and selling, intended to make a profit.

Long tenured client, Texere Silk’s 2018 catalog cover

Large, small and especially the startup company needs images and content for marketing purposes to assist in the selling of their products, services, ideas and concepts.  As a photographer, I get hired to execute my clients vision. I utilize my creativity to best represent whatever it is they are trying to accomplish.  I work dilligently to represent their brand to the fullest potential. I try to be very involved and hands on with every job.

I offer assistance during the planning process which includes, all logistics, location scouting and hiring of additional personnel. During the shoot I am responsible for capturing what was planned and explore other various angles and compositions that the client might enjoy.  I like to offer variety and plenty of options so my clients have a catalog of images to utilize on their websites, advertisements and social media posts.

My work has expanded over many markets and in various locations. Apart of my services is the flexibililty to travel wherever asked. I’m New England based with Boston being my home, but have enjoyed traveling to the likes of Maryland, Atlanta, and New Orleans. One of my most memorable jobs was through a NY ad agency, Taylor Strategy, where I photographed pro golfer Graeme McDowell for Harp Lager in Orlando, Fl.  

Working for national brands, such as Guinness and All State Insurance brings me great pride, but even more so are my full time local comapnies. These clients have trusted me for years with their photography needs and we have built an amazing working relationship. I am so proud of being affilated with some great local  companies such as Texere Silk, United Pipe and Steel, Heyday Footwear, and Breaklite Motorsports.

My client list is extensive and I’m very proud of every client I work for and feel humbled every time I get trusted. Trust is key.  The small investment they make with me, will in the future earn the company more money, growth and notoriety. And being a piece of the puzzle gives me a sense of pride and a cornerstone of Caparell Photography.

Spark it up! United Abrasives

Spark it up! United Abrasives

United Abrasives manufactures a full line of bonded abrasives: grinding wheels, cutting wheels, cup wheels, cones, plugs and a host of similar bonded products. If you are like me you are not familiar with these things. This is why I love my job, I get to see and learn...

Harp Lager shoot w/ Pro Golfer Graeme McDowell

Harp Lager shoot w/ Pro Golfer Graeme McDowell

Harp LAger Off to Orlando Florida! Taylor Strategy, a NYC add agency I have done some work for in the past hired me to photograph Harp Lagers new branding with new spokesman, Pro Golfer Graeme McDowell.  Our first location was Graemes' restaurant, Nona Blue. The...

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