Christina & Al
I’ve known Christina since forever it feels, and she asked me if I would do her engagement photos. Of course I would, I was excited for my friends. About a month later Christina was like ” Would you be ok with doing the pictures in Puerto Rico”  I picked my jaw off the ground and I started packing(just kidding, I’m usually packing an hour before I leave).
San Sebastian waterfall & Vega Baha Beach were our two locations
Our first stop was the waterfall, a hidden gem and really off the beaten path. AL lived here and his father has a house there, so he knew of some great locations. I remember the walk down the stairs and hearing the water get louder and louder. I instantly started snapping pics of them as we finished our way down to the water. It was a tropical paradise.

The next stop, Vega Baja,  If you have a second, google videos of this place, you wont be disappointed.  When the conditions are right, huge waves break on the rocks in the distance.  Once we arrived, we went for a walk and took more pics before relaxing in the water for a few, enjoying a few Medallas

We finished everything up during sunset. What a fun and great shoot with great people with even better hospitality. I really enjoyed my time there. I did not feel like a tourist, I felt like I got a feel for how it would be to live there. I ate my first mofongo and the food was incredible wherever we ate. The music was constantly keeping me in a good mood and making me move. It truly was an incredible experience.

Christina took this of myself with Al and their friends Eduardo and Brenda at Vega Baja
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