Alice in Chains

Boston House of Blues ~ April 28th 2018

Boston was buzzing this Saturday evening(B’s won a playoff game and the Celts were facing a game 7) Traveling to Lansdowne St. on a Saturday night for 8pm, when a Red Sox game is getting over and trying to find on street parking is always fun. Born and raised here, I know my secret spots and gained free parking on my first pass. The atmosphere at the sold out House of Blues was electric. Boston was celebrating its sports and that enthusiasm carried over to all who rocked out to Alice in Chains. I was instantly  transported to the late 90’s. AIC is one of those bands that just transcend me to my youth. The last time I saw them was with the late Layne Staley and I gotta be honest, current lead singer William DuVall sounded incredible.

Heavy Metal Grunge at its finest

If you closed your eyes and just listrened you couldnt tell that Layne wasnt up there belting out the songs.  I cant say enough about how DuVall impressed me.  My normal routine is 3 songs from the pit. That was not the case for this show.  I was allowed to shoot from the soundboard, which limits alot. Standing at 5’10 on a good day, its tough to shoot over the corwd full of fists, horns and the dreaded cell phone. Not only do I have to try an time the lights and the members movement, I have to navigate the crowd as well. Some of the images seem to have a more artict feel than my normal concert shots, and Im ok with that,  I think have the crowd towards the bottom gives the images a nice touch. Dont get me wrong, with those walls of light, I wish I was riht up front to get some dynamic angles. It is refreshing to shoot a show a little different than my usual.

I still remember when Dirt was released, one of my fav albums of all time.

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