“The only difference between me and a madman, is that I’m not mad” during 7th grade art class I discovered the work of Salvador Dali, and my creative mind would never be the same. I wanted to create for people, I wanted to illustrate, I wanted to show off compelling imagery.

Young Greg didn’t realize then that his creative journey would meander its way to becoming a photographer. I always had the ability to draw, to conceptualize, and to think outside the box. Half way through high school I realized I wanted to attend art college, and I enrolled, as a junior, in a black and white film photography course at Mass Art. I was told to only bring a green pepper to my first class. I was a little apprehensive to go to college at a

 young age, a bit shy, a bit confused as to why I’m not bringing a camera to my first photography class.This picture, of my hand, was the first picture I took outside of the disposable camera. In essence, it is my first real picture captured. It was created within a green pepper pinhole camera. That class remains as my only formal education into photography. The seed was planted and needed some time to develop.  

“,,, and When the Towers Fell” my response to 911 Mixed media on Canvas

After high school, and being the yearbook editor, I enrolled at Massachusetts College of Art and received my Bachelors of Fine Art with a Concentration in Illustration. I received an in-depth education in color and light, composition, and the ability to see the world from different perspectives. All are still very relevant in my everyday business. Ambitious Greg, after commencement, set out to become a freelance illustrator but soon realized that that was a daunting task.

I needed a job, and consistency of income, and responded to an ad in the newspaper to become a portrait photographer. I joined the biggest school picture day company and excelled. I was the recipient of the Rookie of the Year Award, and eventually after a year and a half, I became a Grand National Champion in portrait photography beating out a huge number of photographers across the country. But this company was not a perfect fit for me, so I left and joined a much smaller photography studio where I would comfortably create high school and college portraits for 7 years. The owner gave me the creative keys to do whatever I wanted. This allowed me to develop fun creative images while playing with light to steer away from the standard vanilla portraits. I learned how to communicate with people to get desired expressions. I became the “go to” high school senior photographer in the area.

I bought my own camera and started shooting everything and anything, developing my portfolio, and evolving with every shoot. I trudged through the trenches and learned from every set back, every burn and every false promise.  A couple years later, my side work became my full-time work, I left the corporation and my freelance career was born.

Working for that company was work and work only, I never took the camera outside of those walls. My free time was spent on becoming a freelance illustrator. Then one day everything changed. The owner sold back to the original company I worked for and I was not a fan. I lost a lot in what you look for in a fulltime job. A fellow photographer whispered in my ear, “why don’t you photograph things outside of work?” That seed, planted many years ago, finally got its water and sun.

5 years later, here I am, a full-time freelance photographer and I love every second. I’m still pushing myself to get better, I’m still learning and will never settle. I have yet to get comfortable. I have made so many people smile, I have seen a lot of my clients grow. I have gotten to travel all over the US and places like Puerto Rico, Aruba and St. Thomas.

I have the oppurntunity  to photograph some amazing things and people from athletes and musicians to companies like Guinness and Allstate Insurance. People like working with me and I haven’t lost a client. I work extremely hard to continue to grow and become a better me. I work hard for my family and my children, they are my motivation to succeed.

Sometimes I feel that I need to wake up because I got to experience a dream. My camera brought me to photograph Metallica perform at Gillette Stadium. My passion for Dali is equally measured with my passion for this band. Those who know me well, know that this moment was like a pinnacle. As Metallica’s intro music began, I was that high school kid again, full of energy and buzzing around in the photo pit. It was tough to contain my excitement.  As soon as the lights came on and James, Kirk, Lars and Robert hit their first notes, I looked thru the viewfinder and it was business as usual.

“At the age of six I wanted to be a cook, at seven I wanted to be Napoleon. And my ambition has been growing steadily ever since” Just like Salvador Dali, my ambition, that seed, is growing steadily.

Good Day Good Day!