Laura & Jeff

The early morning fog burned off to reveal a beautiful late summer day.   You could feel the buzzing energy on the morning of Sept 16 2017. Everyone was ready for a wedding.

The moments before

One of my favorite father reactions after seeing his daughter, in her gown, for the first time.

 Here comes the bride

What a moment for her dad, and look how gorgeous Laura’s dress flows down the aisle.

The moments after

I got to know Laura and Jeff during our engagement shoot in Portland Maine, during freezing temps and snow. I instantly knew their wedding was one to look forward to.  Oakland Maine was a perfect backdrop, we had perfect weather and that all translated for a perfect day. After my 4 hour drive, it was non stop photographing that ended up in a pool. More on that pool in a bit. In my opinion, Summer Camp Eastwood is an awesome place to get married, and for this reason alone. 

All your guests take over the property for the weekend, staying in cabins scattered throughout. It was a destination wedding, but not, and the weekend was just one big celebration of Laura and Jeff. It was a lot of fun working with the whole wedding party( and there was a lot)  their families and friends.  The reception was non stop dancing, parting, singing and drinking.  I had some firsts. I photographed my first groom doing a keg stand, than the first father of the groom doing a keg stand and then the first…. well lets just say I photographed over 20 keg stands. 

Bottoms Up!

Splish Splash

This was not my first time hoping in the pool with a bride after a wedding. Ill do whatever it takes and whatever my couples request.  In the darkness of night, using a cellphone flashlight, I had just enough light to focus and take the pics. A perfect ending to the day!  Much of the party joined Laura and Jeff in the pool to cool off from such an energetic party.

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