Fitness Enthusiast

Simara Amaral

Simara wanted me to capture all her hard work and dedication before she began a new regime to bulk up the muscle.

You look at my dad bod and instantly think I would know nothing about fitness, and you might be right but I do know how to photograph fitness. It always brings me back to my roots as a photographer.  When starting out, I used to shoot very hard and edgy, and that’s exactly what you need to deliver a kick ass fitness shoot.

We had full permission from the owners to conduct the shoot at Simara’s regular gym, but that didn’t stop some people throwing shade our way.  So much shade, that after an hour and a half of shooting we were asked to leave.  I overheard many whispers in the air, such as, my flash could trigger a seizure, that photoshoots are dumb, some thinking she was famous.   One lady was overly concerned that she came up to me to see if I wasn’t sneaking pics of her. Containing my laughter, I kindly explain what I was doing, showed her a few images, to her response; “That’s nice, a gym is no place for photoshoots”  Thanks for the advice lady,

We moved on to complete the shoot at her home gym.  I’m very respectful when photographing in public places, especially gyms. I work in gyms quite frequently.  There is always a few people who cant separate what I’m doing with what they are doing. I understand the distraction that I bring but never really think I’m bothering someone to the point of hate.                                              

If you are working hard to stay in shape or even compete and want to document all your hard work, consider setting up a photoshoot.